L O E S P E N N I N G S W O R K A B O U T C O N T A C T 'if I would be endless? where would my destination be? To be endless as long as it takes.'

My inspiration for this concept is unendings in nature. they called fractals. I am facinated about how it is perfectly made and full of details. like it grows forever. I was also interested in the feeling of being endless.
dreaming of being endless. 
Get the energy of youre neverending sourse. 
I studied how others feel about endlessness, and found blogs 
where I had the feeling they dreamd and desired of being endless. Get into a discusion with them. where does your energy comes from, will it run out someday? 
I found my answer. Now you.


For this project I did many researches about fabric experiments, desiging methodes and dessin designing. for this I experimented with weaving, knitting and moulage Mostly I design by moulage materials experiments on the manequin, because of the unusual shapes of material exampels you are forsed to think in a different way and come up with new silhouest.